Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Growing Demand of Android Application Development

Android operating system has been mainly developed for touch-screen mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablet computers. Android operating system is the buzz word in technologies today with a market discuss of 42% across various devices globally. Android apps are open source unlike their opponents like iOS and Blackberry. The tools required for their development are free and there is no need for buy of a unique developer phone or register your components as a development system.

Here are some important tips or suggestions for Android app development:

  • First get application name of your program! Android has one file called Androidmanifest.xml, which includes all the details about your applications. Program name in AndroidManifest.xml file will work as identifier for your application. So, try to get your place source at the very first level.
  • If your android application is not so smaller, then try to reduce it down in small various matches and solutions. As we all know that the lesser the app faster it a lot.
  • Try to get anxiety of your focus on audience! It is very essential for android programmers to know what their viewers or users planning on from them. Try to do some research and analysis of what actually users are looking for and output from your app. Get some testimonials from users if you currently have created your app, it will help to enhance your app.
  • If you don't have any knowledge of SQL, then get your hands on it. Also try to learn XML as well. It will help you a lot although you develop any applications as android applications intensely depend on XML and SQL database.
  • Try to know about surpass and its characteristics.

So, these are some main points and suggestions for android application development teams should be provide to their clients projects.

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